There are places on Earth where a hostile environment can be a privileged one, as is the case in Finca Albret. It’s precisely in stark but gifted places that our vineyards grow. Each hill, bend or recess become special and unique spots. This is why each one of our vineyards has their own character and name, vineyards that provide a range of personal, exclusive, limited release wines, true to the land that gave them birth. Soils that survive extreme conditions of bitterly cold winters with gusty winds, and very dry summers of sweltering heat.


The essence of each of our wines stems from the soils they come from, harsh, rocky and pebbly, vineyards planted in rough landscapes, on steep slopes with different orientations. This complex terroir makes for wines of excellent quality that show the terroir’s virtues, the harsh climate and the winemaker’s care when making them. A harmonic blend that makes them different.